Coming Home to 5th Dimensional Consciousness

This Earth is passing through a time of great uplift into her 5th dimensional consciousness, and navigating this time can be both exquisitely beautiful and magical as well as extremely disorienting at times. The intention of this course is to assist front-line light barers who are coming into 5th dimensional embodiment first to serve as the “welcoming committee” for mass humanity. It is during this time that the light bearers are being prepared and guided into their embodiment stations. As we hone our ability to align into the 5th dimensional consciousness of prosperity, abundance and flow. It is a time of magic and miracles as we align with these incoming frequencies that herald the dawn of the New Earth.

In this class we will meet weekly to receive transmissions from our star brothers and sisters to help us with this process. We will also look at Gene Key influences and get to know each other’s healing journeys, creating a network of solidarity and support.

As we begin to bathe ourselves in these healing frequencies, there are radical mutations that the DNA goes through. We will be a place of support for this journey of great change. We so hope you will join us. We set sail on Wednesday, June 9th, 2021 for our 8 week journey together!