The Great Journey to Become a Planet of Light

Today is December 14th, 2018.  More than 22 years ago, on December 1st 1996,
I channeled this song, Planet of Light : Listen below…

Now, as the family of light holds its breath to watch the birthing Earth and Humanity, it feels like a powerful anthem to carry through labor and delivery.

“Lack and Limitation are not our birthright. We are the sons and daughters of the unlimited light. Dancing in a sun of blissful surrender. Unlimited love and nourishment… remember?”

What an incredible time to be on planet Earth. It is like wind storm of so many different forces blowing upon the energetic and emotional body. Old systems are on the verge of disintegrating in so many ways as with the death of George Bush Sr. many of the anti-life forces are losing their grip on this planet and its people. Still awaiting us is the battle to remove the very dangerous 5G technology from this planet. Please do not put this technology in your home. It is a carrier for mind control and actually is able to penetrate the skin barrier and wreak havoc with our bodies. Here is a good video to watch on the subject:

Just like with Fukishima, if our souls have chosen a timeline of love and benevolence, we will be able to nuetralize even these effects, but it is preferable to not have this technology around us if we can help it. Ok, that was something I just needed to get off my chest.

so, for me, these times take tremendous fortitude when life is not out-picturing the way my conscious self would like. Or, more accurately, so much of what I want to experience is still yet, not present in my life like financial freedom, living on the land with core soul family, dismantle of stystems which cause harm to living beings. So many things, hanging in, and not dismantling.  I know the financial system is going to have a major overhaul sometime soon here. They have been telling us forever, but it just must be true. I have never felt such un-ending turmoil inside a system as I do when I tune into this system and the consciousness enslavement tied to it through the millenia. I long to experience money in a new way, one in which it is circulating freely among all of the people in creation and benefiting all it touches.

Also amidst the endless delays of the coming of light to this Earth, we continue to have the opportunity to learn detachment. Ultimately, all must be released. Any kind of attachment to anything truly robs us of peace in this now moment. Every time I talk to the angels about business, they respond. Yes, LIfe is the “Be Isness” I get irritated because I was trained to do a certain protocol to get my business started, and I invested lots of money to learn the tools. Many have taken off with the tools and brought financial freedom to themselves, while others not yet. I am one of the not yet people. lol… Plenty of room to learn detachment. The quality of presence that we experience in every moment and the kindness we extend to ourselves and others: This is the real currency of life, from which the currency of money will eventually flow.

I don’t know about you but just learning to relax and live without the sense of desperation seems to be the task at hand. To let life be ok just the way it is without trying to enforce my will on it no matter what. Just to let it be what it is in every moment like a child growing. Each day it is a slightly different being. Ultimately it will become an adult, but each age along the way is beautiful to be cherished for what it is. Each step along the way of becoming is precious and perfect. It is the journey not the destination. And the ego mind says, “OH my God, not that platitude again. No, it is the destination! damn it! The goal. I want the goal. I need the goal. I must have the goal. I live for the goal!” But what if the goal is changed to being Peace of mind in every step of the journey. That is a goal that is so much more helpful to have, a goal that is possible to fulfill right now! And all the star beings of our higher selves watch us with love, blessing us from their sweet hearts to the hands and shining love upon this Earth still in its embryonic state as a unity being. Much love to all!!!


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