The Transitional Zone

The zone of transition is a place where a life-form is being born. Piece by piece, cell by cell, new material is being added to the life Form developing in time and space.

In the case of a mother carrying a physical child in her own womb , it is obvious that there is a physical life-form that is being created. However when we are carrying a spiritual child of potential becoming within us, it is not as easy to know that there is truly something growing in the seeming darkness of our unmoving topside life.

Those who are currently serving as pinnacle anchors and foundation holders of the diamond matrix of new Earth architecture, are living a life that is following the large arc of the blossoming of the Divine blueprint of Earth. These foundational space-holders are having to endure a period of profound inactivity, of deep delaying of their dreams of manifestation, of financial limbo of extreme lack and limitation. Those who are enduring this long gestation are also having to experience what it feels like to have others in their presence going forward seeking to succeed in this world and indeed succeeding in the endeavors and the businesses in which they desire to succeed.

It is easy for those succeeding at the material level to judge the mothers/ fathers of the not yet born life-form with dis-empowering and completely erroneous statements like ” you’re just out of alignment. You just need to pay those who are in alignment more money so they can whip you into the correct form.” Well, what if you said to a mother of an unborn child, say at the end of the second trimester or even a week before the birth, “you’re out of alignment. We can get you to 9 months pregnant with just a little coaching.” No! We would know, in this case, that this statement is ridiculous because there is a rhythm, a course our soul is moving through, and each step along the way of this becoming is in perfect alignment with the energy signature of the life-form at that specific stage in the gestation. More accurately, the ones who have already birthed their creations and succeeding in manifestation, should look at the pregnant ones and say, “Wow, With such a complex and long gestation period, I can’t wait to see what glorious life form will be coming forth!”

For those who are still gestating in the dark womb, it is easy to feel that we’ve done something wrong or that we are inherently rejected by some benevolent hand that has picked these other ones up and placed them into the sun while we remain in darkness ,wondering what is the key that brings us a ladder out of the dungeon where we remain outside of the reach of the benevolent hand, the rejected ones.

For those, seemingly left behind, it is of ut most importance that they, we, keep the faith that their birth is coming too, that they will be uplifted and placed in the sun, or more accurately, they will arrive in a place where sufficient mass of their authentic presence has been accumulated enough to rise as an animated life form, whose life has developed to the stage that the public tour of professional recognition and financial return begins.

I do believe that there is a meaning in the madness of this time of fallow not-yet-hereness too and that most certainly something beautiful is being made possible in this time of great waiting and great holding. For indeed I stand with my unborn child, holding her in my ample womb, knowing that I am awaiting the birth of a life-form that has here-to-fore never been known.

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