All Coordinates Are Set for Earth’s Ascension, and We’re Going Home!

All coordinates are set for ascension, and we are going home!

So, I am becoming my own foundation, something all my own, completely my own
I would like to have now full access to who I am and what I came to teach humanity and how I came to be a way shower. I need full connection to my Andromeda, Pleiadian, Sirian, lyran, Arcturian guardian self, and I need to know which one of these wishes most to work through me. I am definitely ready to receive my assignment for this next period on Earth.
I know that through indigo 3 contract arresting Armageddon future link, I have been a large part of changing the Earth’s trajectory, releasing her into the proper trajectory for new Earth arrival. It was like catching an object hurling through space on one plane, holding it in that position and releasing the grip of Armageddon future, like pulling off a heavy weight that was weighing her down and keeping her in negative alien grip of lock step into sub consciousness of collective humanity and her global brain into Armageddon future. So, I understand all this.
I understand that at my in utero experience I was seeded with aquafari and reptilian/human 3d lock down DNa configuration side by side, and that the experience of dying and merging with the oneness field and then being sent back into the embryo was soooo excruciatingly horrific that it set up a restraining wall that would hold back the merger of two species DNA until the Earth grid and of course, my psyche and body could support such a merger. This was major Nephilim contract coming due for the Christ so that the Christos mission on Earth could be reclaimed from out of the hands of the NA. And we did this on Summer Solstice eclipse
I had the massive dream of the penis, the fist and the birth of divine child. I saw the holy trinity of Christos Sophia architecture returning to the Earth with the return of the Christos leading the way
I learned from the Sirian guardians that hasteput anchored 5D Christos, Akhenaten anchored 7D Christos template, and jeshua anchored 9D . They had all anchored a portion of the Christos blueprint, but that we here in 2020 Earth have now succeeded in birthing the 11the dimensional version of the Christic body template so this is brand new playing field never achieved on Earth or maybe anywhere. It is the most complex blending of spirit and matter ever achieved which opens up the resurrection codes of a majestic nature more exquisite that we can imagine. I was receiving this entire download on my video of June 23rd 2020. Then on June 29th, all hell broke loose as the 11th dimensional template begins its merge with the 1, 2 and 3D bodies. This is when the highest dimensional aspects of my dna began a full merging with the lower dimensional aspects which was a wild ride through hell. I believe this was the moment when I was going body to body with the guardian architecture and entities holding the 2D 5D split in place that was fighting sooo hard to maintain Armageddon trajectory.  Tonight, July 2nd it feels like I am breaking through the final frequency fence in my solar plexus that has maintained this split. That is why I am up at 4 in the morning PDT typing all of this.
And so, what a ride. What a major time this is as we head into our 3rd and final eclipse of this massively powerful gateway set to receive the resurrection codes, freedom codes, revelation codes.
And I am ready to receive my role as the very specific way shower that I, alone came to be as I ground myself fully into this body of Earth. And it has not been time for this until now even though I have been trying and trying. The greatest priority was to accomplish the arresting of the Armageddon trajectory of Earth. That was put before anything else. All else so ridiculously secondary to this foundational necessity, the main reason I came. And so at a human level, I understand why I have failed at everything I have tried and not made a name for myself or a job for myself in this dimension yet. I get it now. I understand the perfection of the timing to keep the mission on track! It had to be this way, a continual descent for 36 years until I reached the meeting point of the rehabilitation zone, the leverage point that would enable me to free Earth from the death shackles as I freed my own body, and together we fly free. Together we all fly free now, beautiful family of light. This heavy harness has been released now from her body, and we are going home!