Ending the Victim Drama and Becoming Whole unto the Self

This post will soon be accompanied by a video, but I wanted to memorialize this day, July 17th 2020 for the monumental shift that was made today in the identity of self. Last night the pain and the drama pulled for my attention and successfuly achieved my attention for the last time. Enough was enough the second dimensional parasitic identity of the needy victim ended its game, and I was able to open the door and feel myself as the creator of my reality. I was able to experience myself as the mistress of ceremonies, the master self nourisher that could stand at the center of my self and draw everything up into sacred communion with itself. Or even if not so grand a task, I could now stand without drama and know that I am fully responsible for the quality of my experience and am supported in this knowing to exist without collapsing into despair but rather begin actively participating in learning to spin the wheel of joy that lights up my being and brings happiness and celebration to the inner population of all parts of self. This great festival hall exists within me, and all I have to do is walk into the room and give my love here, give my attention here, and everyone and everything begins to rise up and dance. Sacred communion is building ever more as I gaze back upon the self, finally coming home to blossom this great field of becoming. I am so grateful for this journey. So grateful to know myself as who I truly am the self at the center of creation!

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