Healing Courses:

If you have interest in a course, Please  contact sarahsparkle65@gmail.com or call 503-679-1399

Riding the Wings of Joy riding the wings of joy


In this Eight week intensive we will focus on aligning with the thoughtforms and nurturing the experiences which keep us uplifted in a frequency of joy and flow. As we find our home frequency that is the true nature of our dynamic beingness, we align with our highest timelines of love, celebration, harmony and peace. This is uplifting not only to us but to our entire human family and everyone we influence. This is the life we were born to live! As we blossom, we lift all of our loved ones and the Earth as well! Our sessions will be held once/week over zoom ( or in person if in the Portland Area.) In addition you will be invited to a weekly group zoom call. Chat support over email and fb messenger  is included in the program. You can watch informational video  Here

During the Eight week program, we will be exploring:

*Various emotional clearing techniques to align you with your highest vibration

*Soul Mapping with the Gene Keys (http://www.genekeys.com)

*Past life regressions to identify and restore powerful virtues to the now self

*Song Perscriptions to fortify self love and self esteem

*Establishing a supportive routine of exercise, diet, breathwork and meditation

*Reciprocal Balancing for soul/body alignment

*Guided Visualization Imagery Journeys for healing and alignment

and much much more!!!


Support for Relationship

These are challenging times when deep unconscious wounds are coming up to the surface of consciousness to be healed. One of the main places these wounds are illuminated is in relationship with the most significant others in our lives. Learning to navigate personal triggers and negotiate healing and safety is extremely vital if we are to walk with graciousness and care for our beloveds. In this Eight week journey, we focus on giving you all the tools to maintain harmony in your intimate partnerships and key relationships in your life. Through compassionate communication, we can navigate the challenges of human partnership with grace. In these sessions we work with any stumbling blocks to communication you are having with your loved ones.  I am trained in Compassionate communication and have many tools to assist. When you can take responsibility for your part in conflict and return to your heart, healing solutions can be found. In the heart, we find common ground. 


Freedom From Fear

imprisoned by fear

Is Panic anxiety making you feel like a prisoner in your own life? I understand. Join me for this 8 week intensive where we will, step by step, help you to reclaim your life from out of the grip of panic. As a panic attack sufferer off and on for 35 years, who lives, currently a majority of the time in well-being, relaxation and joy, I can truly help you to align with benevolence and re-route your consciousness out of fear into calmness and self soothing. Fear does not have to control you! You can step out of the prison into your beautiful and benevolent life once again! Watch informational video  HERE

In this course we will:

* baby steps that you can take to expose yourself to triggers with a positive outcome

*  techniques to interrupt the path of panic and re-route into well-being

*  physical exercises and acupressure points that can ground and calm

* song prescriptions for lasting empowerment and well being

* techniques for identifying and clearing negative emotions

* powerful breathing practices to activate the para-sympathetic nervous system

* techniques for replacing negative thoughts with self soothing thoughts

*co-creating a prescription for joy for your inner child

and much much more!

 Ascension 101

This course presents the basic anatomy of ascension in a 4 week Journey, discussing the losses and damage to the genetic code and the path to the restoration of the divine blueprint. We look at the 12 tree grid, the history of planetary invasion, the power of light and sound to heal, The anatomy of the tripple flame, the origin of the founder races of humanity and much more! Through image, information, song and sound-healing codes, Sarah takes us on a beautiful journey that makes understanding the science of ascension very inspiring and enjoyable! Classes and Q & A are conducted over Zoom: 1 hour class followed by 45 min Q & A. Each week’s class content is accompanied by a  meditation treatment sent to you as an mp3 download.  Also  Included in the course are two private sessions with Sarah: The first is a Gene key soul path reading. The second is an intuitive healing session.  Would love to have you on the journey!