Multi-dimensional Embodiment

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The Sacred Marriage of Divine Embodiment Art by Willow Arleana

Multi-dimensional Embodiment and Our Return to Divine Blueprint

Hello Earth fans and space fans. Welcome to this auspicious portal in which I am attempting to sum up the ins and outs of the process of multi-dimensional embodiment and the dismantling and then renewal of our world inside and out as we move through this great shift on our marvelous awakening planet Earth.

I guess I will start here:
We have been on a fallen planet with no access to its Divine Mother. We have
lived as a human race under systems of separation and control, with fear and
survival being at the core of human existence. The DNA has been locked down in
this system, but now, finally, our true parent architecture is being made
available to us. The vaults of heaven are opening up and giving us so much
support to access what we need to birth back into our 5th dimensional organic
matrix which involves a return of many soul pieces into this now self from
many dimensional planes of reality. Another way to think of it is that our multi
dimensional circuitry has been fragmented and disconnected and now, we can
finally reconnect these disconnected circuits that give us back the ability to
embody our higher aspects. This whole situation is both exciting and daunting!

Depending on the nature of your mission as a star seed here on Earth and the level of conscious memory and DNA encodement you carry, you have signed up to be an embassador to assist humanity in acclimating to the great clean-up and up-leveling demand of this coming time. As such, you may very well be in the throws of some pretty serious clearing as you read these words. You may also be processing feelings of looking for home like a boat looking for its home port as we are closer than ever to our starseed pieces all coming home to dock in the central station of our Earth body. You may also be experiencing bouts of extreme adjustment as the body needs to perform bio-regenesis as it connects with the template of its source code now available especially to those frontline veil lifters. Dense emotional experiences of traumatic death and injury from this and other lives may be coming up so you can graduate from fear-based reality and begin holding the states of well-being and joy of the 5th dimensional organic matrix.

As the light codes coming from the sun and the galactic center increase in their vibrational frequency, we, as human angelic star seeds are brought into non-optional cycles of purging and upgrades that can be quite intense for the emotional and physical body. Through all the tumultuous cleansing and revelation of corruption, Divine mother is calling us more deeply into her very heart. It is like we are getting all
cleaned up for our great wedding celebration with the parts of ourselves from
all the different life times and dimensions that are returning to the central
ballroom of this now self. It is quite an amazing reunion and celebration with
our loved ones within ourselves and our loved ones in our core soul group
coming more and more together too.

All the major systems within us that do not support this love-based reality must be dismantled and replaced with neural nets in our brains and bodies that run the new circuitry of joy, unity and abundance as well as all systems of Govt, Medicine, Religion, Media, Education must also go through this kind of death and rebirth. It is
kind of like we are getting ready for our graduation and senior prom as humans
on planet Earth after living through quite a tour of duty in the night! The
shock and awe of this outer disclosure is coming soon to a theater near
you…lol One of our roles in this time is to shine our love into the field to
stabilize mass consciousness. We are being prepared to be light houses for mass
humanity. That’s why we go through this labor and delivery first so we can hold space as midwives as the big emotional storms of disclosure hit the masses.

We are the bringers of the dawn, the path cutters clearing our way back into the divine blueprint and through doing so, making this new template of evolution available to all sentient life on Earth, and it can be quite a job. We can feel isolated and misunderstood by our family of origin and often clueless about how to translate our essences into a niche or a career as birthing the Divine Blueprint into form is our major career!

A Bit About the Specifics of My Path

I am here to be a touchstone on this journey, having been through 39 years of the wild and woolly journey of divine embodiment beginning with complete nervous breakdown and revelation of massive light latent inside me at the age of 18 in 1983 which began the purge and dismantle of my cognitive/ego mind. Simultaneously the potent divine love from my core flooded into me like a river undamned and I had episodes of ecstasy and agony as “Junk” DNA was called into expression and then went dark again. The stubbornness of my fear-based mind was very strong. It has been a continual surrender to begin arriving at a juncture where I am beginning to hold my embodiment steady in the frequency of well-being, love and joy.

The Importance of Radical Self Care

Through deep and consistent self-care and the practice of continually replacing the operating system of the fear-based predator mind with the love-based “good parents” inside me, I have walked myself home these 39 years and come to live more and more as well-being and joy. Still soul retrievals bringing new higher dimensional aspects of my consciousness come pouring in from time to time, demanding an immediate purge of density to accommodate them, leaving me blubbering on the floor. But love holds me through it all, and the deep understanding of the fruit of this labor helps soooo much. The Panic, the despair and bouts with deep fatigue have all pushed me to dig deeper into the great fertile ground of the love at the core and to remember why I came to this Earth: to be this love. I believe our human super power is this love we hold inside of us and are in fact made of. The most treacherous places in the psyche can be terra-formed into the “Garden of Eden” simply by love’s presence.  In this latest stage, with the help of this higher love and reconnection to divine mother, I am finally beginning to synthesize the multitude of layers of self into one coherent vessel and taste the fruits of this multi-dimensional embodiment, infinite and finite, a tantric dance of ecstatic communion through this physical body housing this infinite spirit.  Through this initiatory path, I have honed many tools and wisdom jewels which I so enjoy sharing with others to help illuminate the path.

A little about the tools I bring to the healing container

As an ally on your journey being a musician and sound healer, I love to bring the sound codes of love and healing through music and song whenever possible. I believe affirmations made into melodies can be great allies on the journey. I also believe humor is extremely powerful part of healing so I love to find humor even in the darkest of places. It is a magical elixir to lighten up the journey! Another tool I love are the Gene Keys, a technology based on the I ching and astrology that helps one to gain beautiful insight into the specific flavors of our challenges and our genius. It is a powerful tool for the path!

In closing, It is necessary to say that this level of work is not for everyone, and I do use our introductory call to interview you as you are interviewing me. That being said, I have found that if you are drawn to work with me in your heart then most likely, we will a good match.  

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