A description of my healing services:

Akashic Healing Session 

Hello, I am Sarah Adams, Energy/sound healer, akashic channel and spiritual midwife.

it is my deep desire to be a guide for  you on your journey back to self. We are moving through a time of unprecedented changes. The lifting of the Earth’s magnetic field is calling us strongly into deeper embodiment.  In order to usher in this new level of embodiment, we must clear many long held emotions and let go of outdated thought patterns. It can be a time of much upheaval and confusion. I specialize in being a midwife for this process, providing you with tools to bring you into alignment with your higher self and enabling the highest grace for you to blossom into your full potential. I enjoy bringing through wisdom blessings in the form of song and sound as a part of the healing. 

Drawing from my skill as an energy healer, sound healer and akashic reader, I join together with your higher self and guides opening a powerful field of synergy in which to assist you in releasing limiting beliefs and aligning with your highest possible timeline. 


Gene Key Soul Wisdom Song Blessings

In this session, We tune into guiding wisdom from your soul through looking at your Gene Key profile. We go through the 4 keys of your “Activation sequence, and I create a sound tapestry of guidance and inspiration which we record so you can take it with you. The Gene Keys provide deep guidance in understanding the particular flavor of your hero’s journey in this life. See more about the keys below.

(More about the gene keys The Creator, Richard Rudd,  channeled the keys in a time of deep inspiration, and he has given humanity a beautiful tool for navigating the path of life with clarity and grace. Based on the I ching, the gene keys illuminate the 64 Codons in our genetic code, giving us the very empowering  knowledge that hidden within our deepest challenges, lie our greatest gifts.  We could say the human evolutionary journey is like an archaeological dig to escavate and restore the authentic self. The Gene Keys accompanies us beautifully on this journey.  Find much more about the gene keys at http://www.genekeys.com  )



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“I am forever changed and grateful for my healing session with Sarah Adams! What started as a Gene Keys reading turned into a past life integration/eft tapping session that took me on an unexpected journey through unacknowledged and forgotten parts of myself. It was exactly what was needed for me at that moment ,and it feels as if a great weight of confusion has been permanently lifted off of my shoulders. I am amazed by Sarah’s sweet open heartedness and remarkable healing presence that shines through in every interaction, as well as her deep wisdom and knowledge of complex metaphysical concepts. I highly recommend seeking her council for anyone on the healing path!”   T. C. client

Sarah is someone who works from the heart. She is compassionate, gentle, kind, and never judgmental, and she is very approachable. Sarah is also very committed to the people she works with and always goes the extra mile. She has touched my life and my heart in countless ways and her talents have aided in my healing while I suffered from some type of mystery illness. Sarah worked with restoring the fragmented aspects of myself, she has done inner child work with me and she has done sound healing. I love the way she works with the whole person and how committed she is to those whom she has helped. Thank you Sarah for all that you do from the bottom of my heart!”    Kendra Jonas, client


“I have had the privilege of receiving one of Sarah Adams’s soul song sessions. She has a warm, loving angelic energy, and I highly recommend her. Her music took me to a place in my heart that I had forgotten about during a time of transition. The song she sang to my soul helped me remember how loved I am by the divine, and I felt wrapped in love from the angels.” R. Cole, client
Sarah has provided me with a nurturing spirit-perspective when nothing of this world was able to reflect or meet my soul. She has the ability to see the far-reaching meaning, and the deepest purpose of one’s life path. Her capacity to feel, and to feel deeply, the collective concerns and awakening of humanity is magical and practiced. Her presence and acquired skills are always in support of our personal and global evolution and conscious growth.  S.Rose, Client

The session you did for me a few days ago, and the tips that you gave me were very very helpful!! Just as you described,I woke up feeling the shift! Thank you so so much for your journey and the wisdom, the love, and the insight that you share. I highly recommend a session with Sarah for anyone who is struggling with this incredibly intense evolution of our minds and entire beings! Her journey has been extremely broad and deep and wide, experiencing directly this evolution within every fiber of her being! She has literally experienced every conceivable emotion and state of mind, and has studied broadly many healing techniques and teachings. Perhaps best of all, Sarah has great compassion and great love to soothe the way!!!

L. Oneil, Client


My session with Sarah was a symphony of serenading my highest capacities and soul alignment to powerfully yet with playful gentleness invoke and anchor symmetry, synchronization and joyful surrender to Spirit’s guidance as a royal citizen of life with unique gifts to bestow upon the planet. Sarah’s mastery is unmistakable. I am forever transformed.

T. Clute, Client