The Self Love Restoration Project

Class begins Sunday, November 22nd. Class will be held on Sundays at 11 am-1 pm PST

So excited to share this journey with you! Watch this video to see if this class is for you!

Class Outline:

Week #1  Just how did we arrive in fallen consciousness and how do we now rise to immerse ourselves in the benevolent, loving, living matrix of divine mother?

Week #2 The death throes of the fear-based duality matrix catalyzing our return to Christ Consciousness

Week #3  How to discern the difference between ascending and descending thought forms and re-parent descending thought forms and delving into the power of joy to rehabilitate the fascial network

Week #4  How to gain mastery over your emotional body and process challenging emotions with grace: suffering as a catalyst for positive change, finding grace in the densist emotions

Week #5  How you can free yourself from addictive behaviors through creating greater communion with self and re-write timelines to raise your vibration and availability to joy

Week #6 The harmonics of ascension and how these assist in blossoming the DNA: The power of Music

Week #7  Basics of galactic history and how this relates to your choice point in every moment to cultivate joy

Week #8  Becoming the captain of your own ship: Taking back your power as creator at the center of your life…fine tuning navigation with the miracle of gratitude

Class Structure

Class will be conducted over zoom: lecture and q and a every week with supplemental materials to enhance the course content. Class also includes and “Awaken to Love” music/sound healing CD and a private coaching session with Sarah and membership in a private fb group.

Class begins November 15th. Classes are held from 11:00 PST-1:00 PST over zoom. All classes will be recorded in case you are unable to make the live class. To register, click the link below

If you wish to schedule an informational call with me, click the link here: