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Hello and welcome! I am excited to be a part of your sacred healing path. Here is a little more information about me and what I offer.

The Nature of This Powerful Time

As you are undoubtedly aware, we are in a time of accelerated transformation in which the structures we have known within and without are falling away. We as a planet and a humanity are really being pushed to let go of all that does not serve us. It is as if we are in the process of leaving an old shore and bound for something very new. However that something here has not fully presented yet. It is a time where our self-limiting beliefs and blocked emotions are surfacing more consistently and intensely than ever before. It can be scary to face this level of change, but it is also quite exciting as these times of great transition carry within them the potential for quantum leaps in self empowerment and awakening. We are passing through a time that demands what I would call, “divine archaeology’ in which we are engaging in a most sacred process of the escavation and restoration of our authentic selves. While it can be miraculous and exciting, It can also be disorienting and at times very overwhelming.

My role

My role is to serve as a guide and a touchstone for you as you make your way through this, miraculous and often chaotic, terrain of awakening, helping you to uncover the jewels inside the adversity and assist you in mapping your way through times of the deep unknown. My extensive knowledge of galactic and planetary history as well as the tools honed in my 39 year dark night of the soul journey have brought me to a place where I can serve as a most effective beacon of light and clarity for you on your journey into divine embodiment. My intention is to be a touchstone on your journey, to cheer you on as you brave the wild terrain of awakening and to help you align with your authentic essence. Some of our allies on this journey can be song, breath, art, mythos, story telling, movement and whatever else we find in the moment to assist you in moving through your hero’s journey into multi-dimensional embodiment, unlocking your sacred communion with self and source. If this sounds intriguing, the next step is to schedule a discovery call with me here

I would so love to serve you on your sacred journey!