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As a healer and transformational life coach, my specialty is helping you to break free from self limiting patterns that keep you stuck in fear and depression and begin building the life you love. At this time on our planet so many limiting patterns are surfacing to be cleared. Emerging from a 39 year journey of self discovery, I have many tools for transformation to help you navigate the often challenging terrain of the healing journey and assist you into greater freedom and joy.

On this page you will find a list of the types of sessions I offer as well as informational videos. You will also find enriching offerings of music and creativity for adults and children as well as a fun musical spanish class.

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Children’s Education and Entertainment, Music/ Creativity playshops, music lessons and musical Spanish classes

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Schedule a free informational call Here

Supporting Children and families with enriching creative education!

Introduction to my music . See more at my music website here: Http://www.sarahhopeadamsmusic.com

Updates to the above video: Download EP’s at http://sarahadams1.bandcamp.com and Support Sarah’s music creations at http://patreon.com/sarahhopeadams


Ascension Classes

Gratefully accepting donations to assist with the recording of my new CD

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