Healing Sessions


Intuitive Healing and Star family Transmissions

Emotional body clearing, intuitive guidance, past life regression, gene key soul mapping, sound healing and song affirmation. Basically, Sarah will bring out any and all tools and modalities that can most powerfully assist you to unfold ever more into the freedom and abundance of your true nature. Often in sessions, messages from star family will come. Sessions can be focused around these transmissions as much or as little as desired.

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Relationship Coaching and Mediation

In these sessions we work with any stumbling blocks to communication you are having with your loved ones or your business partners. I am trained in Compassionate communication and have many tools to assist. When you can take responsibility for your part in conflict and return to your heart, healing solutions can be found. In the heart, we find common ground.

Educational Enrichment Consulting for Home-schooling Parents

In this time when so many parents are faced with the need to serve as their child/children’s primary educator, I serve as a consultant for home-schooling parents, I help parents to connect with the unique soul of their child/children and partner with them to co-create a living curriculum in which basic skills are integrated into meaningful and joyful activities for their children.

Soul Song Attunements

In these sessions, I tune in to the unique essence of you and bring forth a soul song using crystal bowl and voice to nourish your body and soul through harmonic tones and words of affirmation. I also channel a song for you with guitar and voice, a healing song that you can take with you on your journey.


Gene Key Readings

Gene Key readings are a fun way of getting more understanding of the challenges and the potentials you carry in your unique life path. Emanating from the 64 codons of the I ching, the gene key profile contains 13 key spheres that help you understand much more of the themes of your life’s story, helping you to reveal the gift in every adversity and focalize you into the highest version of the self you are becoming.