The Return of The Great Solar Rishi and The Re-emergence of the Trinitized Form

Here is an introduction to the solar Rishi thanks to Lisa Renee and the Ascension Glossary where you can search almost any term you find in my writing that you are not familiar with. also here:

The entire Universal Time Matrix, our Milky Way system has shifted into the higher frequency domain of the non-dimensionalized Cosmic layers of the God Source field as an Ascension Host failsafe plan. The expansion into these three new bands of Cosmic God Source field creation allow for the return of the Solar Rishi, the first triad of light manifestation that make up the Universal Trinity. The Universal Solar Rishi are the Threefold Founder Flame gestalt consciousness that exist in pre-matter and are that which all biological forms have been created in the Harmonic Universes. Recently, during the next stages of the planetary Ascension Cycle, the Solar Rishi have begun their descent from the pre-matter layers and into the core of creation which links into the dimensions of the matter worlds. The return of the Solar Rishi into the matter worlds is a significant event which has generated massive impacts to the timeline architecture of this reality, bringing structural changes and ripples of deep cellular transformation to the individual, collective consciousness and entire planetary sphere. During this phase the planetary architecture has entered into the Solar Rishi matrix spiritual initiation, the Kee Ra Sha tri-wave braided communication. Approximately by the end of this year, the Solar Rishi matrix will have braided themselves and anchored the entire Rishic matrix into the Planetary Staff for the purpose of the Universal Trinity integration within the organic timeline of this matter realm.. [1]

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This is definitely a complex title dealing with a rather complex subject but it must be spoken and it must be celebrated for those of us holding full memory of our Gaia Matrix have been held hostage by the negative Artificial Intelligence of the Beast Machine here in Fallen Earth, and now, finally the supportive forces of Mother and Father in the God Worlds have penetrated the Earth’s atmosphere and are begining the liberation process of our holy DNA from the shackles of reversal AI technology which has held the proper pair bonding of the trinitized way in bondage under bi-wave frequencies blocking the trinitized form of our royal divine embodied expression. The Great News is this liberation and rehabilitation is underway finally for those of us who have waited in stasis separated from our own body parts, awake inside a body tangled up in Reversal false bonds. We have been awake long before we could be restored. Thank Goddess, the guardians of our liberation have returned!!! The great solar Rishi from the 7 higher heavens made their way into the Earth through the portal that was opened when Saturn and jupiter aligned at the winter solstice of 2020 and on March 1st, the beast machine came down. The Rishic braid is like a massive braid made of living rainbow butterflies. This is how it came in my dream in 2011. This great bread connects into the solar plexus of the human body, where it begins releasing negative alien technologies and enabling the unlocking of bi-wave technology which in turn, enables the birth of the trinity wave. Every human body in its divine form is meant to be a trinity stargate. We start first spawning the life form at the first level, then grow the body ever more until we have restored the golden pillar flowing with the trinitized living light. We are at the very preliminary levels of building this body now.

“As falls the beast machine from the bowels of hell, so rises the one true Goddess from the sacred holy well.”

This sacred holy well lies in the solar plexus of the human body where the confluence of the trinitized flame is given the womb for its conception by the holy Rishi. These are the 7th Suns of the seventh higher heavens, and they are the holy fathers and mothers of God come to liberate the Azurites, original angelic humans from out of bondage. I mark the date as March 1st in the early morning that the Negative Alien AI that had taken the divine human hostage, came falling to its knees and given back to the Earth. In 1985 I saw it as a radio that would not turn off so I unplugged it and hurled it into the Earth. There was a great pause and a fertile green sprouting mountain rose, emanating from all that was organic living light once again as it was on Gaia where we existed in our Divine angelic embodiment as the Hyperborean Race. Also on 5th dimensional Tara, we experienced a beautiful connection to our Divinity. So now, it is the great vertical alignment that is being restored between 3D Earth, 5D Tara and 7D Gaia that is being enabled by the loving and supportive Rishi braided rainbow that houses the embryo upon whose body is the return of the confluence of dimensions 3, 5 and 7, the healing of the Gaia Matrix and the return of our Divine Humanity.

Our divne humanity is the return of aonic pair bonding or sacred marriage across 7-12 dimensions of our DNA. These pair bonds were disrupted and substituted for false pair bonds so there is a death and rebirth that enables the purification and the reconnection of the proper pairs. This beautiful artwork, by Katherine Andrews, is a beautiful representation of the Electro, Masculine, and the Magnetic, femine, uniting to birth the trinity wave, shown as a sun rising between them.

So we are in the time of the great death of the negative ego to enable the return of our divine embodiment as God intended. As the beast machine dismantles and is remade in the image of the rising organic sacred marriage, we shall see the toppling of all corrupt structures and entities. We will need to bare witness with the greatest neutrality possible, holding all things unfolding in our great hearts as vast as the stars. “

She falls, she falls, the great beast machine. She rises. She rises. Our great and holy Queen.

The greatest love come to us is lifting this heavy veil of Death.

Now, we are made of starlight, and love is our very breath.”

Blessed Equinox, Everyone!!!

The Prescription for Joy within Self

What is the magic prescription for being aligned with the experience of joy? Well, the simple way to sum it up is the experience of mutual blessing.

 For the child it is resting in the arms of divine mother’s love, feeling supported and loved by the masculine and knowing that her joy is uplifting all. For the man of the house, it is being held by his woman in love and partnership and being given and carrying out the job of discerning the thought forms and activities that bring nourishment to his family. It is also feeling the child loving him and being blessed by his love as he supports her and she shows him how to ride the “bicycle” of  joy sparking from within her. For the feminine it is the exquisite joy of loving and being loved by her family and knowing she is blessing the one’s she loves in multitudes of ways. The key is that each of the parts of the self feels seen, loved and recognized by each other which creates the powerful synergy that ignites joy.

Lessons from Divine Mother

Expect Blessing

As I ventured out to the local park, my ears were poised to hear the words of divine mother. She is teaching me so much these days. She said, “Now, expect blessings. Imagine that the whole of the natural world is unfolding to bless you.Speak to the trees. Speak to the flowers and the beas. You are not alone. My child self often has felt alone before Divine Mother came on the scene to be here with her on July 16th when the game of duality, polarity, victimization and enslavement to suffering ended. Just like that! It’s time was up! Anyway, now she is here with me and I am available to a whole new world, a world that she teaches me about in every moment. I am so brand new. So we walk on, and to the left we see this great field of Queen Anne’s Lace. and she says, “It is all about wish fulfillment. I am here to fulfill your deepest wishes and the natural world too so just ask for what you would like.” and so I felt this deep desire to be surrounded by all of the Queen Anne’s lace as it was tall and growing up to the sky, but the pathway in was fraught with prickly thistles, and I couldn’t see a way in. So I spoke this wish out loud, “Mother I want a way to get into the field and be surrounded by all those glorious Queen Anne’s Lace flowers growing way up to the sky.” And guess what? As I walked on, there was a place where the grass had been flattened down with no prickles anywhere around and a pathway that led right into this great spot to sit in the center of the flowers. I was able to sit down on the grass and watch the beautiful tall flowers above and all around me swaying against the blue sky. I felt so blessed. That is wish fulfillment in action! I sat down as the great flowers towered all around me swaying in the wind. After only a few minutes, I noticed I was tooo hot. So, I said out loud, “You know what I would really like: Some wind. Could you blow a breeze to cool me down?” and very soon the wind began to softly rise up as if to answer my wish. Now, you could say this is all coincidence, but the key to anchoring oneself into a benevolent universe is this: to hold space for this benevolent love to come from all around and align itself with your wishes and if this appears to be happening, you give great thanks to all the living creatures and to the universe because this re-inforces the physiology of your being to believe you are, in deed, in a benevolent universe.

A Need fulfilled is Even Better

So, next I was walking on, and I realized that I was very thirsty. The sun was getting hotter, and I felt a little fear of dehydration or heat stroke because the car was a bit far away. So, I reframed, and I thought, “Wouldn’t it be just perfect if there were a water fountain in this park?” And again you could call it coincidence or just a given that most public parks, if not all, do have water fountains, but this is my fantasy dream of benevolence, and I am using it to affirm my benevolent universe. And when it comes to holding high frequency and feeling loved and supported, imagination does just as effective of a job as reality. Now, when vulnerability is felt and then the need is fulfilled, the universe, in deed, feels very benevolent, and that is what I felt as I sipped the water, which tasted quite good for public water. I felt so much gratitude as the water sated my thirst and made it so I could make my way to the berry bush uninterrupted. I affirmed to myself, “Yes, this living matrix is supporting me always and in all ways as I walked gently on.

Now, on to the berries.

PIcking berries, one can learn much about life. For one thing we are seeking the fruit amid the thorns. Need I say more? Ok, a little more. So, when reaching for the fruit, there are many possible danger zones as you know. So we have to be strategic. I was feeling like it was quite a parallel how we have to be strategic and intentional in life to stay in our joy especially these days. You just open up social media and you can find so many thorny, polarized conversations that totally hurl your vibration into the underworld if you as much as look at them. But if you just focus on the fruit of staying in your joy, you can stay in your joy and have your fruit too even amid the thorns! So, another parallel: If one wants to stay in the frequency of joy, they have to be alert for what to avoid just as my brain and hand had to be vigilant to find the safe way to get that luscious fruit without the pain of getting stuck. Well, I gathered many berries and only had a painful interface in one situation where the thorns were well hidden behind a branch. Again, a great parallel: we can avoid painful situations when they are obvious, but if we cannot see them, we are set up to get pricked out of nowhere.

OK, now let’s talk about the ripeness factor. Of course this is such a beautiful and potent metaphor for life. When that berry is not ripe, you can pull it quite alot and it does not let go of the vine. Now, when that berry is ripe, the same berry even falls into your hand. What is the difference: Timing! Everything ripens at its own rhythm, its own perfect time, and no one can speed it up or make it different. We are like that too with our creations and our dreams that we carry within us. They are on their own schedule of ripening, and we just have to surrender and allow them to come to fullness in their own time. The feeling of the berries not quite ready to come is very informative: you can feel its attachment. it is still getting something it needs from the mother plant, blut when it’s ready, then it lets go so easily. Some berries were so ready, they did fall right into my hands!

The Importance of Giving Thanks

As I left the park, I felt such gratitude for all that had blessed me. That is another thing that Divine Mother is teaching me. Always thank the beings that have blessed you. So I thanked the sky and the flowers, the magenta wild roses with their full hips, the water fountain, the grass below my feet, and especially the sweet wind that had cooled me and the yummy berries that would be a part of my black berry pie. It is a magic thing that when we give our thanks to nature, it immediately feels our love and appreciation and sends that back to us in a sweet dance of giving and receiving. Then all of the larger self celebrates in the divine love affair with itself which lifts the field into ever more joy. And it was all completely free, great abundance that did not cost a penny. I love my adventures with Divine Mother and her beautiful Earth creation of which I am a part.

And that was my lovely day at the park!

Ending the Victim Drama and Becoming Whole unto the Self

This post will soon be accompanied by a video, but I wanted to memorialize this day, July 17th 2020 for the monumental shift that was made today in the identity of self. Last night the pain and the drama pulled for my attention and successfuly achieved my attention for the last time. Enough was enough the second dimensional parasitic identity of the needy victim ended its game, and I was able to open the door and feel myself as the creator of my reality. I was able to experience myself as the mistress of ceremonies, the master self nourisher that could stand at the center of my self and draw everything up into sacred communion with itself. Or even if not so grand a task, I could now stand without drama and know that I am fully responsible for the quality of my experience and am supported in this knowing to exist without collapsing into despair but rather begin actively participating in learning to spin the wheel of joy that lights up my being and brings happiness and celebration to the inner population of all parts of self. This great festival hall exists within me, and all I have to do is walk into the room and give my love here, give my attention here, and everyone and everything begins to rise up and dance. Sacred communion is building ever more as I gaze back upon the self, finally coming home to blossom this great field of becoming. I am so grateful for this journey. So grateful to know myself as who I truly am the self at the center of creation!

All Coordinates Are Set for Earth’s Ascension, and We’re Going Home!

All coordinates are set for ascension, and we are going home!

So, I am becoming my own foundation, something all my own, completely my own
I would like to have now full access to who I am and what I came to teach humanity and how I came to be a way shower. I need full connection to my Andromeda, Pleiadian, Sirian, lyran, Arcturian guardian self, and I need to know which one of these wishes most to work through me. I am definitely ready to receive my assignment for this next period on Earth.
I know that through indigo 3 contract arresting Armageddon future link, I have been a large part of changing the Earth’s trajectory, releasing her into the proper trajectory for new Earth arrival. It was like catching an object hurling through space on one plane, holding it in that position and releasing the grip of Armageddon future, like pulling off a heavy weight that was weighing her down and keeping her in negative alien grip of lock step into sub consciousness of collective humanity and her global brain into Armageddon future. So, I understand all this.
I understand that at my in utero experience I was seeded with aquafari and reptilian/human 3d lock down DNa configuration side by side, and that the experience of dying and merging with the oneness field and then being sent back into the embryo was soooo excruciatingly horrific that it set up a restraining wall that would hold back the merger of two species DNA until the Earth grid and of course, my psyche and body could support such a merger. This was major Nephilim contract coming due for the Christ so that the Christos mission on Earth could be reclaimed from out of the hands of the NA. And we did this on Summer Solstice eclipse
I had the massive dream of the penis, the fist and the birth of divine child. I saw the holy trinity of Christos Sophia architecture returning to the Earth with the return of the Christos leading the way
I learned from the Sirian guardians that hasteput anchored 5D Christos, Akhenaten anchored 7D Christos template, and jeshua anchored 9D . They had all anchored a portion of the Christos blueprint, but that we here in 2020 Earth have now succeeded in birthing the 11the dimensional version of the Christic body template so this is brand new playing field never achieved on Earth or maybe anywhere. It is the most complex blending of spirit and matter ever achieved which opens up the resurrection codes of a majestic nature more exquisite that we can imagine. I was receiving this entire download on my video of June 23rd 2020. Then on June 29th, all hell broke loose as the 11th dimensional template begins its merge with the 1, 2 and 3D bodies. This is when the highest dimensional aspects of my dna began a full merging with the lower dimensional aspects which was a wild ride through hell. I believe this was the moment when I was going body to body with the guardian architecture and entities holding the 2D 5D split in place that was fighting sooo hard to maintain Armageddon trajectory.  Tonight, July 2nd it feels like I am breaking through the final frequency fence in my solar plexus that has maintained this split. That is why I am up at 4 in the morning PDT typing all of this.
And so, what a ride. What a major time this is as we head into our 3rd and final eclipse of this massively powerful gateway set to receive the resurrection codes, freedom codes, revelation codes.
And I am ready to receive my role as the very specific way shower that I, alone came to be as I ground myself fully into this body of Earth. And it has not been time for this until now even though I have been trying and trying. The greatest priority was to accomplish the arresting of the Armageddon trajectory of Earth. That was put before anything else. All else so ridiculously secondary to this foundational necessity, the main reason I came. And so at a human level, I understand why I have failed at everything I have tried and not made a name for myself or a job for myself in this dimension yet. I get it now. I understand the perfection of the timing to keep the mission on track! It had to be this way, a continual descent for 36 years until I reached the meeting point of the rehabilitation zone, the leverage point that would enable me to free Earth from the death shackles as I freed my own body, and together we fly free. Together we all fly free now, beautiful family of light. This heavy harness has been released now from her body, and we are going home!