Lessons from Divine Mother

Expect Blessing

As I ventured out to the local park, my ears were poised to hear the words of divine mother. She is teaching me so much these days. She said, “Now, expect blessings. Imagine that the whole of the natural world is unfolding to bless you.Speak to the trees. Speak to the flowers and the beas. You are not alone. My child self often has felt alone before Divine Mother came on the scene to be here with her on July 16th when the game of duality, polarity, victimization and enslavement to suffering ended. Just like that! It’s time was up! Anyway, now she is here with me and I am available to a whole new world, a world that she teaches me about in every moment. I am so brand new. So we walk on, and to the left we see this great field of Queen Anne’s Lace. and she says, “It is all about wish fulfillment. I am here to fulfill your deepest wishes and the natural world too so just ask for what you would like.” and so I felt this deep desire to be surrounded by all of the Queen Anne’s lace as it was tall and growing up to the sky, but the pathway in was fraught with prickly thistles, and I couldn’t see a way in. So I spoke this wish out loud, “Mother I want a way to get into the field and be surrounded by all those glorious Queen Anne’s Lace flowers growing way up to the sky.” And guess what? As I walked on, there was a place where the grass had been flattened down with no prickles anywhere around and a pathway that led right into this great spot to sit in the center of the flowers. I was able to sit down on the grass and watch the beautiful tall flowers above and all around me swaying against the blue sky. I felt so blessed. That is wish fulfillment in action! I sat down as the great flowers towered all around me swaying in the wind. After only a few minutes, I noticed I was tooo hot. So, I said out loud, “You know what I would really like: Some wind. Could you blow a breeze to cool me down?” and very soon the wind began to softly rise up as if to answer my wish. Now, you could say this is all coincidence, but the key to anchoring oneself into a benevolent universe is this: to hold space for this benevolent love to come from all around and align itself with your wishes and if this appears to be happening, you give great thanks to all the living creatures and to the universe because this re-inforces the physiology of your being to believe you are, in deed, in a benevolent universe.

A Need fulfilled is Even Better

So, next I was walking on, and I realized that I was very thirsty. The sun was getting hotter, and I felt a little fear of dehydration or heat stroke because the car was a bit far away. So, I reframed, and I thought, “Wouldn’t it be just perfect if there were a water fountain in this park?” And again you could call it coincidence or just a given that most public parks, if not all, do have water fountains, but this is my fantasy dream of benevolence, and I am using it to affirm my benevolent universe. And when it comes to holding high frequency and feeling loved and supported, imagination does just as effective of a job as reality. Now, when vulnerability is felt and then the need is fulfilled, the universe, in deed, feels very benevolent, and that is what I felt as I sipped the water, which tasted quite good for public water. I felt so much gratitude as the water sated my thirst and made it so I could make my way to the berry bush uninterrupted. I affirmed to myself, “Yes, this living matrix is supporting me always and in all ways as I walked gently on.

Now, on to the berries.

PIcking berries, one can learn much about life. For one thing we are seeking the fruit amid the thorns. Need I say more? Ok, a little more. So, when reaching for the fruit, there are many possible danger zones as you know. So we have to be strategic. I was feeling like it was quite a parallel how we have to be strategic and intentional in life to stay in our joy especially these days. You just open up social media and you can find so many thorny, polarized conversations that totally hurl your vibration into the underworld if you as much as look at them. But if you just focus on the fruit of staying in your joy, you can stay in your joy and have your fruit too even amid the thorns! So, another parallel: If one wants to stay in the frequency of joy, they have to be alert for what to avoid just as my brain and hand had to be vigilant to find the safe way to get that luscious fruit without the pain of getting stuck. Well, I gathered many berries and only had a painful interface in one situation where the thorns were well hidden behind a branch. Again, a great parallel: we can avoid painful situations when they are obvious, but if we cannot see them, we are set up to get pricked out of nowhere.

OK, now let’s talk about the ripeness factor. Of course this is such a beautiful and potent metaphor for life. When that berry is not ripe, you can pull it quite alot and it does not let go of the vine. Now, when that berry is ripe, the same berry even falls into your hand. What is the difference: Timing! Everything ripens at its own rhythm, its own perfect time, and no one can speed it up or make it different. We are like that too with our creations and our dreams that we carry within us. They are on their own schedule of ripening, and we just have to surrender and allow them to come to fullness in their own time. The feeling of the berries not quite ready to come is very informative: you can feel its attachment. it is still getting something it needs from the mother plant, blut when it’s ready, then it lets go so easily. Some berries were so ready, they did fall right into my hands!

The Importance of Giving Thanks

As I left the park, I felt such gratitude for all that had blessed me. That is another thing that Divine Mother is teaching me. Always thank the beings that have blessed you. So I thanked the sky and the flowers, the magenta wild roses with their full hips, the water fountain, the grass below my feet, and especially the sweet wind that had cooled me and the yummy berries that would be a part of my black berry pie. It is a magic thing that when we give our thanks to nature, it immediately feels our love and appreciation and sends that back to us in a sweet dance of giving and receiving. Then all of the larger self celebrates in the divine love affair with itself which lifts the field into ever more joy. And it was all completely free, great abundance that did not cost a penny. I love my adventures with Divine Mother and her beautiful Earth creation of which I am a part.

And that was my lovely day at the park!

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