The Prescription for Joy within Self

What is the magic prescription for being aligned with the experience of joy? Well, the simple way to sum it up is the experience of mutual blessing.

 For the child it is resting in the arms of divine mother’s love, feeling supported and loved by the masculine and knowing that her joy is uplifting all. For the man of the house, it is being held by his woman in love and partnership and being given and carrying out the job of discerning the thought forms and activities that bring nourishment to his family. It is also feeling the child loving him and being blessed by his love as he supports her and she shows him how to ride the “bicycle” of  joy sparking from within her. For the feminine it is the exquisite joy of loving and being loved by her family and knowing she is blessing the one’s she loves in multitudes of ways. The key is that each of the parts of the self feels seen, loved and recognized by each other which creates the powerful synergy that ignites joy.

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